Venus & Mars Day Spa
"Awaken your senses, invigorate your body and renew your spirit"

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Spa Packages - A variety of spa packages in Tampa

Venus & Mars Day Spa
11614 Countryway Blvd Tampa, FL 33626 US
Phone: 813-814-9104 Website:

Customize packages of your choice. Packages do not include gratuity.


 Ultimate Glow  4 hr $336



Anti – stress Stone Facial
Lavender Body Scrub 
Our signature La stone Massage 60 min
Venus & Mars Deluxe Pedicure



 Spa Retreat    4 hrs  $235 

Basic European Facial
Honey Body Scrub 
Spa Manicure
Spa   Pedicure



 Venus & Mars Escape  3hrs  $305



2 Deep Tissue Massages  60 min              
2 Spa Manicures 
2 Spa Pedicures 



 Prenatal Glow  3 hrs   $176



Pre- natal Massage  60 min
Venus & Mars Deluxe Manicure
Venus & Mars Deluxe Pedicure



 Youth Escape  2hrs 30 min $140



 Teen facial 
Spa manicure
Spa pedicure



 Chocolate Indulgence 3hr 30min $225

Chocolate Body scrub
Chocolate Massage
Chocolate Manicure
Chocolate pedicure



 Venus Day   4hrs  $316



Hydropeptide Rejuvenated Body Facial
Anti-wrinkle Facial
Venus & Mars Deluxe manicure
Venus & Mars Deluxe Pedicure




 Mars Day    4hrs $230

Basic European Facial
Spa Pedicure
Spa Manicure
Deep Tissue 60 min

Pumpkin Bash Retreat   4 hours $235
Pumpkin Body Scrub
Pumpkin Facial
Spa Manicure
Spa Pedicure

Bridal Packages

 Bride to be plan as needed, let us customize a package just for you. Reserve full day of pampering and relaxation or plan the services as desired.