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Your treatment will begin with skin analysis followed by, steam, exfoliation, extractions, and
facial mask.  Stress melts away with a relaxing massage to the face, neck and shoulders as well as hands, feet and arms to reduce tension and improve circulation.  Results are a revitalized, smoother, healthier looking complexion. We are happy to offer the best facials in our day spa in Tampa.

The following facial services will be customized by your esthetician using our skin care lines, Christine Valmy & Hydropeptide . Christine Valmy products use only the purest ingredients of pharmaceutical and nutritional grade.  It makes good skin look better and it's designed for mature, neglected, and tired skin. The results are immediately noticeably on the skin. Christine Valmy products are homeopathic and work holistically, assisting the skin to change itself for the better and look its best. Christine Valmy products use only plant extracts from plants that have been specially grown under controlled conditions to make them produce phyto-stimulines. These extracts are more potent, beneficial and better for the skin than standard plant extracts. Hydropeptide is an award-winning skin care line specializing in the most powerful anti-aging ingredients available.  Peptides are power-packed and are proven to succesfully treat a variety of skin concerns. Peptides help your skin look younger and behave better.  Peptides are the building block of collagen and skin.  Your skin is a complex network of structures that begin to crumble as you age.  They strengthen your skin's foundation and allow your skin to restore its youthful qualities.  With these two spectacular skin care lines we are able to offer in Tampa the best facials!  Come and try them for yourself.



Chemical Peel $85 & Up 

 Bio:  Tried and true favorite glycolic acid in this amino acid balanced peel provides micronized exfoliation.  As the old, dead skin cells are sloughed off, the internal cellular renewal clock is activated. New skin cells begin to grow reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and improving skin texture as well.  Recommended for dry, mature, dull, non-sensitive skin. A series of 6 is recommended

 Deep Pore Cleansing Facial $120

 A gentle facial treatment to help clear spots, blackheads, and blemishes while helping to improve the texture and appearance of skin.  This treatment will also increase hydration and provide a brightened, radiant complexion. Appropriate for problematic skin types, as well as occasional breakouts in both adults and adolescents.

Basic European Facial $ 85

Our classic European facial in Tampa is customized using specially formulated and scientifically developed products to repair and restore your skin. What it needs to function properly, you maximize its ability to target and protect against free radical damage.

Anti-stress stone facial $ 110

Our luxurious signature facial includes all the benefits of a classic facial with stone therapy .Hot and cold stones combined customized blend of essential oils provides for a wonderful experience.  In addition to a complete feeling of well being, this treatment is also beneficial for detoxification, sinus relief, reduced puffiness under the eyes, and firmer skin.

Express Facial – 30 minutes $55

An introductory facial includes a preliminary cleansing a gentle exfoliation, a relaxing lower neck massage, followed by a personalized hydrating mask. No extractions included.

Teenage Special Facial Treatment $65

A gentle yet effective cleansing of young skin, teaches teen & preteens the proper way to take care of their skin.

Back Treatment: $95   60min

A facial for the back especially beneficial for congested pores. Skin is cleansed, exfoliated and calmed.

Facial Accompaniments customize your facial and enhance your experience by incorporating these additional services.

Collagen Facial  $105

Soluble fish collage, sea algae and vitamins
are combined with ingredients that counteract

the damaging effects of free radicals in a

uniquely formulated anti-aging mask. The skin

is hydrated, nourished and revitalized.

Vitamin C Facial  $105

Fresh orange extract full of vitamin C, is
combined with vitamin E and allantoin to
vitalize and stimulate sluggish skin while

helping minimize damage caused by sun and
the elements.

 HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle Facial $110

Infuses skin with a mega dose of powerful peptides, natural antioxidants, and wrinkle-lifting hyaluronic acid that visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles and immediately reveal smoother, glowing skin.  Ideal for dehydrated/mature/hyper-pigmented skin but is appropriate for all skin types, even younger clients looking or smoother skin.  After just one treatment, expression lines appear relaxed, skin is glowing, texture is smoother and skin is plumped.

HydroPeptide Anti-Stress Facial $85

For the busy person who is short on time and looking for a quick fix.  Keep skin calm, hydrated and protected from stress and harsh weather conditions.  This facial resurfaces with enzymes and lactic acid while echinacea stem cells revitalize and hydrate, peptides that renew and rejuvenate and enzymes and lactic acid that resurface.   After just on treatment, skin is hydrated, smoother and glowing.  Fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable.

HydroPeptide Mini Summer Facial $70

Refresh and rejuvenate without irritation or sensitivity.  Enzymes and peptides will keep the skin looking alive and young.  Antioxidants will nourish and protect.  Hyaluronic acid will hydrate and plump.  After just one treatment, skin is hydrated, renewed and smoother.

HydroPeptide Brightening Facial $130

Even out, lighten and brighten all skin types.  It will increase brightness and skin health by exfoliating, reducing inflammation, activating sirtuins that extend skin cell lifespan and protecting against further damage with a potent dose of antioxidants.  After jus one treatment, skin is glowing, more even, smooth and tone.

Series:  Ideally this treatment is performed in a series of 6 to treat hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone.  Home care is essential for optimal results.

HydroPeptide Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial $140

Incorporate the power of nature's own stem cells and peptides to rejuvenate, revive and protect the skin.  This advanced facial will re-energize your own skin cells, increase hydration, reduce wrinkles, firm and lift the skin.  After just one treatment, skin feels smoother, looks brighter and is energized.  Wrinkles and lines are less visible.


This procedure rejuvenates sun damaged skin, reduces stretch marks, minimizes large pores, erase fine lines and treat hyper pigmentation. Depending on the condition of your skin, a series of six to 10 additional treatments may be recommended. We are glad to offer in Tampa Microdermabrasion and help you with your skin needs. 

Diamond Tip

Face                   $100                      

 Neck                    $60

Décolleté            $50

Elbows               $45

Knees                 $55