Venus & Mars Day Spa
"Awaken your senses, invigorate your body and renew your spirit"

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Body Wellness - Steam ,Vichy Shower, Infrared, sauna Tampa        

Venus & Mars Day Spa
11614 Countryway Blvd Tampa, FL 33626 US
Phone: 813-814-9104 Website:

Cocoon Treatment 30 min  $45

Our  Cocoon offers a wide variety of therapeutic treatments that are suitable for different personal needs and are tailored to resolve specific problems.  Our  Cocoon treatments are aimed at providing all around holistic treatments. This method addresses not only beauty, but also well-being and complete body relaxation.  

Customize your treatment:

Choose any combination



Steam Sauna  cleanses the skin, removes

impurities and promotes skin texture, elasticity
and tone. 

Infrared Sauna  A dry form of heat that
cleanses and detoxifies the skin.

Vichy Shower  Therapeutic water massage.
Provides  an invigorating hydrotherapy

Vibromassage  Induces cell  and tissue
stimulation and vibration.  You will be
refreshed and vitalized.

Chromotherapy  Color therapy. There is a

very wide rage of color combinations.  Every

color has its special effect on our mind and

Aromatherapy  Your  sense of smell makes
your mind and body decode the aroma

messages either to enhance a mood or to

produce feelings of relaxation, arousal,
creativity , energy or romance.

Ear Candeling     $35

Rid your Ears of excesive wax.  Promotes a lighter, cleaner feeling.